Partner intro

So sorry for neglecting you, dearest blog!

I started out with the best of intentions but real life, work and young kids had to get priority over you for a while.

I am taking part in a blog hop called Bead Peeps Swap N’ Hop. You will find more info here:

I would like to introduce my partner in this swap to you:

Interestingly, I am not swapping with just one person but a whole three generation design collective: ‘Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry’.

These ladies have been trading since 1994 and sell their jewelry and supplies online as well as in boutiques:

A Dry Gulch creation in lace and leather

Their joint knowledge of techniques is impressive, they make components in everything from lampwork to ceramics.

There is a lot of variety in what they create as well, but I do feel that the love of vintage stands out.

Romantic vintage style earrings a la Dry Gulch

I spoke with Catherine La Vite from Dry Gulch some time ago about the origin or our company names and I love the story of theirs. I think I’ll let Catherine tell you herself:

‘For us, our name actually came from my great-grandpa and grandpa!  It’s an old cowboy saying my great-grandpa named his ranch in Texas.  When his son (my grandpa) moved up here to the Ozarks in Missouri, he named his ranch Dry Gulch Ranch too.  Our property has tons of dry gulches, deep ravines in the rolling hills, so when it rains all the water just goes down the gulches.  So, we kept the name for our jewelry business and haven’t looked back since!’

I love this story and the fact that their brand name carries a piece of their family history. A constant reminder of the value of family and working together.

Pretty green lampwork leaf head pins by Dry Gulch

I have been a very lucky girl and received a most generous package from the Dry Gulch ladies (so many treasures!).

Saving pictures and further thoughts on this for a later blog post.

Stay tuned!