The reveal…

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Feather necklace

Lentil necklace

Lentil necklace

Lentil necklace

Lentil necklace

Lentil necklace

Lentil necklace



So, the time has now come to reveal what I have been working on…  I have been kind of busy as I have been away to Prague on an enamelling course (but I’ll cover that in another post).

I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Lori Anderson who is the organizer of the Bead Soup Blop Hop Party .  She has had to struggle with ill health at the same time as juggling all the practicalities of a large scale event such as this.  Her passion and endless support for creativity in all forms is deeply appreciated:)

The bead soup I received was wonderful with shimmering colours and very elegant lamp work beads. This must have made the creative process easy you might think? No, this was a real challenge for me as the focal pieces (I received two) were large. I am not saying this is a bad thing, it is just that I am not used to making big statement jewellery. There were two options as I saw it: I could make something very simple and just hang the glass on a silk ribbon or similar as this would put the focus on the pieces Silke sent me. The second option: Go big and bold. Just have fun and let the focal pieces inspire me and take me on a creative journey. I chose the second option as this is a challenge which is meant to be about going outside of your comfort zone and try new materials.

I started by making some silver clay component which would compliment the glass. Two of the silver pieces were hand carved.

I created three pieces of jewellery. Each has got its own identity, but I do feel that it is clear that they belong together as a collection as well. Let’s call it the ‘The Drama Queen Peacock collection’. 😀

The bracelet: hand made silver clay focal component using one of silke’s glass bead as an accent (I think it looks like an eye). Purple suede, teal waxed linen, mostly gold vermeil beads, Thai Hill Tribe toggle.

Necklace with round focal: clasp and frame around focal plus leaf shape are hand made silver clay pieces made by me (hand carved pattern in the latter two), Silke’s glass beads, Silk ribbon, clasp and Swarovski Crystals sent by Silke, Amethyst, American Turquoise and Thai Hill Tribe silver from my own stash.

Lentil necklace: Focal piece and the purple glass beads sent by Silke, Purple Suede, Waxed Linen in various colours, Swarovski Crystals (sent by Silke), Czech beads, Vermeil, silver beads, Silk ribbon, Hand made (silver clay) clasp made by me.

It has definitely been a very useful exercise in trying something new. I just hope I have managed to make something attractive enough to do Silke’s work justice… I have been working too closely with these to be able to judge myself but I would love to hear what you think (good or bad).

Please do visit my very talented Bead Soup Swap partner Silke’s blog to see what she has made with what I sent her.

This is the soup I received from Silke

This is the soup I received from Silke


Thank you Silke for being my partner in this years event!  It has been an absolute pleasure:)  Wishing you a sparkling future with your beautiful glass creations!

This link will take you to the complete list of participants of this years event:

On a different note: I have just opened up shop on Etsy offering ceramic beads and components (earthenware, stoneware and porcelain).  I used to sell semi-precious beads in this shop some time ago, so it doesn’t look ‘new’, but it has been dormant for a long time now and this is a totally new direction – offering things I have made 100% with my own two hands.  I am a bit scared and excited at the same time.  I would genuinely love to hear what you think!  I have got lots to list and it is going to take me a while to get the volume up, but please do visit and like I said: any feedback you could give me would be so, so appreciated!  Shop web address:


44 thoughts on “The reveal…

  1. Aamazing! Amazing colours, amazing jewelry Annica! You did a great job with the pieces, Silke sent you – I would wear everything of your creations!

    • Aww, thank you so much Michi! I was really unsure if it was good enough so your praise really warms my heart:) Just had a look at your creations and it is absolutely delicious looking. I will go and leave a comment for you now.

  2. Oh, Annica, thats really really gorgeous! There is absolutly no reason to be unsure 🙂 I love the colors, the combination of purples, greens and turquoises with the little spinkles of gold. And I love the design. I don’t know which design you do normally but this is outstanding!
    Thank you so much for being my partner and showcasing my soup so well.
    Silke xoxo

    Very nice pictures btw 🙂

    • I am so, so happy to hear that you like the designs:D I am using materials I have never used before (even the waxed linen and silk is new for me), so it was really out of my comfort zone. The designs were completely inspired by your gorgeous beads!
      I would also like to thank you for being my partner and making such beautiful work with my beads:)

      My husband is the photographer and he will be so happy to hear about your compliment:D

  3. Wow amazing that you can make those components, they are beautiful and they complement perfectly the lampwork, also love the fibers you used together.

    • Thank you Silvia! This is what I love about metal clay – the fact that you can design the components to fit the beads:) Beautiful lampwork beads deserves only the best:D

  4. They turned out very BEAUTIFUL!!! I am no fans from purple, but your Drama Queen Peacock is DeLiciOuS!! Amazing color. Can’t find another word… YOU are ROCK, Annica!

  5. Oh beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Great photos too. Your creations showcase the soup to perfection. The lentil necklace is my fave though!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Dorota! I just had a look at your blog and you are a master at using fabric to add dimension and texture. I am honored:)

  6. I love the colorway of your soup and how the bright silver goes so totally perfectly with it in the feather necklace! Lovely pieces all of them!
    -friendly greetings, Mags

  7. You rose to the challenge of using the big pieces very wel! I love the designs and the components you made to go with your soup to make these pieces sparkle and shine. They are beautiful, and something that I would wear every day.

  8. Hello, you created some beautiful pieces, I like your beautiful silver work to accent the bead in the necklace. And yes, your husband did a wonderful job on the photograpy. I stopped to visit your Etsy shop, you have very nice ceramic pieces.

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