The soup I received

Content yet to be discovered...

Content yet to be discovered…

Small organza bags with labels.

Small organza bags with labels.

The soups out!

The soups out!

My lovely new earrings:)

My lovely new earrings:)

Here it is!

Here it is!

The parcel I received from Silke was beautiful in itself!  The brown rough textured box with spring green ribbons sat there on my kitchen table promising yet unknown delights…  Ah, the sweet anticipation!  

I opened the parcel and found quite a few small organza bags with beads, clearly labelled with the delightful contents.  Once I have picked up all the beads from their bags and get to admire them all together I am struck by the beauty of this symphony of harmonising colours Silke has put together for me!  I am not exaggerating – the collection is amazing!  

Silke has sent two focals which are lampworked beads she has made herself.  One huge lentil and one round bead of generous size.  A collection of smaller lampworked beads to match,  silk sari ribbon which a friend of Silke has hand dyed.  Bright silver beads and clasp, shimmering pastel Swarovski Crystals.  If this wasn’t enough, she also sent an extra gift to me which is a very stylish pair of glass/silver earrings in a cool green colour.  

I just need some alone time with the beads now so I can work out what to create:)  

9 thoughts on “The soup I received

  1. This is the most fun, isn’t it? It’s like we got to come with you for the swap! These are so beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (And I love your new earrings!)

    • Isn’t it just!
      Must try to come up with something good to do the beads justice… Can I just pause the kids for a couple of days:D
      I really like the earrings too! I will definitely use those a lot.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment Kelly! The soup has indeed kept me very busy:) I have made things I haven’t made before and discovered new (for me) materials.

  2. Annica, I’m so glad that you like the soup. I want to tell you something about the earrings. This glass is ‘Thüringer Waldglas’ (Forest Glass from Thuringia). It’s made in Lauscha in Thuringia Germany. The village was established in 1597 as the first glass was made there. The Waldglas is a very special glass. Every batch is unique. It’s on of my most favourite glasses.

    Warmest regards,
    Silke 🙂

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