A bouquet of head pins and pink Santa

Bouquet of head pins

Bouquet of head pins

Pink Santa

Pink Santa

I thought I would post a little snap shot of some new head pins I have just collected from the kiln.  They don’t look like much yet, but I think these will be good fun when they are done:)  Some of them are more of a sort of organic/plant type of design and they will be polished with gilders wax etc.  I think I will add colour to the others with traditional ceramic glaze.

The later collection makes me smile as they are inspired by ‘Nightmare before Christmas’.  I still love that film as much as I did the first time I saw it.  What’s not to love?  Romance, excitement and wonderfully quirky characters!  I especially love Jack’s enthusiasm when he discovers Christmas and examines the ‘evidence’ in his lab:)

I  also could not resist sharing a picture of my daughter Isabella from earlier this evening.  She had just devoured a plate of vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese when she decided to dress up as pink Santa.  She might not be the cleanest child in the world in this picture, but perhaps one of the happiest!  I love this little lady so, so much:)

2 thoughts on “A bouquet of head pins and pink Santa

  1. She’s the most wonderful pink Santa of all the pink Santas. Every other pink Santa should just give up now. And I LOVE your Jack Skellington headpins! (And your blog! It looks amazing!)

    • Thank you Amy! She is of course the original and best pink Santa as far as I am concerned:) So happy to hear that you like her and my blog too! You are the HRH of blogging, so your praise is praise indeed!

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